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Thank you for visiting our website!  You never know where your childhood dreams will lead you!! As a child, my only dream was to have a horse, grow up and live on a big ranch with cattle and horses. Along the way, I have had horses, even a few cattle! But then I got my first miniature horse as a hobby, but then was blessed to be introduced to Ray Zoercher who was willing to take on a newbies little horse and from there I was hooked! Thank-you Judi Kurth for that introduction! And I must give thanks to Ray for being patient and honest and introducing to me to many wonderful people, including Martha Hickman. They have both been so patient and are teaching me so much! 

I hope you will continue to follow me on this wonderful journey!

Life is a journey and with many changes. I am finding the journey is leading me in a different direction. I am moving from the smaller minis to the B minis and Shetlands. Moving to the Shetlands has led me to the world 

of Modern Sheltands, American Show Pony and Hackey ponies!

But as always,  we seek to breed horses of quality for show or to offer to add to others breeding programs.  




Rebecca Beard-Davis

1803 County Road 3046

Center, Texas 75935


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